Bread and Olives 2.50
Bruschetta Classica - Fresh Tomatoes,basil and Garlic  5.50
Tagliere - Mixed cheeses and cured meats 10.90
Burrata with Veg   Burrata served with grilled peppers and Zucchini 8.40
Tricolore Tomato,avocado and Bufala Mozzarella 7.50
San Daniele San Daniele cured ham and Burrata Mozzarella 8.90
Calamari Fried Calamari(squid) served with tartare sauce 7.90
Prataioli Deep fried breaded Mushrooms served with Tartare sauce 5.00
Bruschetta  Friarielli Wild Broccoli and Burrata on a toasty bread 8.50
Bruschetta  Scamorza Roasted smocked cheese served with grilled aubergines on toasty Bread 8.50
Carpaccio Di Tonno - Tuna Carpaccio served with rocket and balsamic glaze 8.80
Salame d’oca - Duck Salami served with avocado 9.80